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Posted by: Wyrmtongue


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Age: 30
Height: 160 cm (5' 3")
Weight: 51.82 kg (114 lbs)
Hair: Chestnut Brown
Eyes: Green
Gender: Female
Metatype: Asian Human
Awakened: No

I have had the pleasure of working with Predator on a couple occasions, and after reading the other profiles here, I thought I would contribute one for her, as well.

The lovely Predator was born Reiko Tetsuki, and her parents were employees of Renraku America. She grew up in Japan, but when she was ten her family moved to that pyramid building... arcology? Yes, the Renraku Arcology. A search of the Matrix says that the official name of the place was the SCIRE, and was very important in Renraku's American operations. Her Father worked as a security officer, while her mother was in Research and Development.

As she learned to deal with being in a new sprawl, Reiko began training to work for Renraku one day, something I am told is fairly common with those raised in the corporate system. Though she had some skill with computers, Reiko was better suited to the role of a security guard than a programmer in a lab coat.

When she was fifteen little Reiko did what most metahumans of that age did, and found ways to rebel against her parents' authority. She snuck out of the Arcology, and went to bars with noncorporate citizens, even after being disciplined by her parents. I am told that this is a very shocking thing for someone to do when they've been raised in the corporate life.

Two days after she turned sixteen, something happened that changed her life. This was before I was born, but apparently a very smart computer program named Deus got loose in the Arcology, and caused a lot of trouble. Reiko and her parents managed to get out, but the spider she was sleeping with was trapped inside. She sometimes managed to get word from him, but for the most part she was helpless to do anything, as her parents resettled in Bellevue.

>>>>>[ I have to give Pred and her folks props for getting out of the ACHE. I did some salvage work in the restricted area. looking at some of the gear the AI used, I am surprised she can go anywhere near drones or comlinks...Oh if anyones interested I have a refurbished Medusa for sale. ]<<<<<
     -- Morg (--:--:--/##-##-##)

>>>>>[ Oh, that Tetsuki. Tetsuki Michiko was one of the little treasures of Renraku's security programming department, a certifiable genius at psychotropic programming. Renraku had scheduled an internal summit starting on 22 December; I'd be willing to bet my last nuyen that Michiko and family were on their way to Sea-Tac to catch a suborbital when the penny dropped Downtown. ]<<<<<
     -- The Wyrm Ouroboros (--:--:--/##-##-##)

Two years after escaping the Arcology, Reiko came home after a night at the clubs, to find her father murdered and her mother mutilated. According to hospital reports, when the police got there she was in a 'catatonic state', which apparently means she looked like that rabbit I just ate staring up at my face, unable to move. After she recovered, she finished up school, and then dove into the shadows, trying to find the reasons why her parents were killed. To this day, the case remains open, and no suspects have been named.

In the years since her parents' death, our Predator has grown into a delicious-looking woman, and what the trids might call a Street Samurai. She found her lover again after the Shutdown ended. She remains with him, and is devoted enough to ignore any overtures that others may make towards her, more's the pity.

>>>>>[ Somebody 'splain ta me how a snake knows what a 'delicious-looking woman' looks like, huh? Or is it thinkin' of a diff'rent delicious than I am? ]<<<<<
     -- Doorman (--:--:--/##-##-##)


>>>>>[ It is also worth mentioning she has a nova hot cousin. She really knows her mojo, but I think Pred is a little overprotective of her. ]<<<<<
     -- Morg (--:--:--/##-##-##)

In her work, Predator is a reliable partner, and willing to adapt to situations that otherwise might make her uncomfortable, if the job requires. There was a time when, in order to get past some bouncers and 'talk' with a mark, we had to pretend to be floozies. She played the part well, and was very convincing. Didn't even threaten me with violence later when I had to grope her as part of the act. She is a true professional, and I can think of few metahumans I would rather have watching my tail when I'm on the job.


Profile written by: Mirikon
Character owned by: All4BigGuns
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