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Posted by: Madrecita


Age: Early Forties,
Height: 6'1''
Weight: 205 lbs
Hair: Black (Bleached)
Eyes: Black
Gender: Male
Metatype: Elf (Rumored Drake or Shifter)
Awakened: Yes (Mystical Adept, Wuxing)


      “Service with a smile”. Sounds like your local hotel, or the motto of a brothel, doesn’t it? Nothing at all sinister about it. You also wouldn’t think there could possibly be anything sinister about the man who issues those black cards upon which the phrase is printed. He’s such a likable rogue, always smiling, full of life, the heart of the party. Still...there is something about him, and pinning down exactly what it is is next to impossible.
      To give you an example...I couldn’t even track down a name for him other than Smiley, and no date or place of birth. He simply appeared in 2049. Given his metatype, it’s difficult to judge his age. From several conversations with him, I’d estimate him to be in his early forties.

>>>>>[Alright, alright. I'll let you all in a little secret. I have no name. Yes, that's right! No one gave me one! Isn't it fantastic? Beside my street name and my artist name, both of them I chose for myself, there's only fake ones I attach to fake IDs. There you go, that's out of the bag!]<<<<<
     -- Smiley (--:--:--/##-##-##)

>>>>>[You know, I just noticed that a vast majority of the old 'runners are elves.  Orks and trolls are easy to explain, we don't live long.  And humans age fast enough to dull their abilities too quickly to stay in the game.  But why do dwarves not have the same deal?]<<<<<
     -- Murphy (--:--:--/##-##-##)

>>>>>[Short stubby legs that can't outrun CorpSec or Peace Officers?  OK, I'm sorry, that was bad and should be in the Humanis Joke Book, but I couldn't help myself.]<<<<<
     -- Money Johnson (--:--:--/##-##-##)

>>>>>[Its because the elves are better looking. Seriously, though, it seems that there just aren't as many dwarves in the biz, and that hasn't changed. Some real good talismongers and fixers, though.]<<<<<
     --Iceblade (--:--:--/##-##-##)

      Besides the “Service with a smile” calling card he invariably leaves behind after a job, he does have a few other distinguishing features: he always wears black and yellow, he wears four golden rings on his right ear and one on his left eyebrow and he has Chinese dragon tattoos on his arms and back. Like most elves, he’s tall and quite beautiful, as strange as it is to apply that description to a male.


          The earliest record I could find of Smiley places him in Redmond in 2049, running with the Green Hoods, a bunch of...well, ‘Hooding gangers ripping off the rich and giving to the poor. He ran with them for about ten or so years before an unfortunate tangle with the Halloweeners wiped them all out. Only Smiley’s connections with the Triads saved him. A few weeks later, he paid the Halloweeners a visit and left sixteen of them dead, leaving his calling card “Service with a smile” for the very first time.
      After that, he became a shadowrunner, doing mostly wetwork, but also the occasional protection gig. At each kill, he left his calling card, and that was always the only thing ever discovered at any of the scenes. He left no evidence at all. He did this for two years before he was betrayed by the man who trained him. I couldn’t find out exactly what happened, or why, but my digging around did reveal that the mysterious person who trained him attempted to carry out a hit on Smiley. In retaliation, he killed both the man and his hitman, before joining a band of ‘runners whom he later also killed before making off with millions of nuyen worth of credsticks. Wetwork pays, I suppose.

>>>>>[So he trained me, did he? Well, he did made me discover my calling and showed me the ropes on the basics of wetwork. I supose he did, at least partially. And yes, the pay is fantastic! These credsticks weren't exactly a payment though.]<<<<<
     -- Smiley (--:--:--/##-##-##)

      This became a pattern with Smiley. Anyone who betrayed him, or made a serious attempt on his life didn’t live long enough to try again.

>>>>>[Not all that strange, a lot of people have that code, and make sure folks know it.  Myself, my rep tells people that come after me that the ones I leave dead are the lucky ones.]<<<<<
     -- Money Johnson (--:--:--/##-##-##)

      Now with money to back up his very solid rep, Smiley began moving in the upper reaches of society. He established contacts in the FBI, CIA, UCAS Marshalls, the Star, the Knights...all the upper crust folks without ever working against any of them.
      In 2066, he formed the band “Thanks for coming out” and released an album before suddenly disappearing completely. He reappeared in 2071, now packing stronger magic and sharpened abilities. Where he went to hone his skills I have not been able to uncover. He rejoined his old band they resumed making music as if nothing had happened.
      Now think about everything you’ve learned. Who is this person we call Smiley? He kills as easily as he breathes, even people close to him. His entire team was killed, but did he do it or not? I haven’t been able to find out. He killed the man who trained him. He kills with a certain panache...one might even say with a twisted sense of humour. When he was hired to make a death look like a suicide, he strapped bombs to his mark’s wife and child, and then commanded him to kill himself to save his wife and child. He’s capable of surprising acts of kindness, even compassion, and then turn right around and kill. He’s spent ten years of his life hooding, and suffered many betrayals. He lives as if he believes he’ll die soon. He speaks Sperethiel like a native and appeared so suddenly it seems like he lived in a cave in the Tir before coming down out of the mountains.

>>>>>[I'll say that, I did not killed these idiots. And if it seems that way, that's because I did grew up in cave in the... country that I grew up in!]<<<<<
     -- Smiley (--:--:--/##-##-##)

      Could our friend Smiley be a Shifter? Maybe. He follows the Wuxing tradition, which suggests connections with China. His racial characteristics is certainly Chinese. So’s his Triad connections. If he is a Shifter, I’d postulate he’s an eastern critter.

>>>>>[O RLY?]<<<<<
     -- Smiley (--:--:--/##-##-##)

      There’s mysteries upon mysteries about Smiley. He’s a good ‘runner, a fun person, but one that’s hard to pin down, hard to know. I don’t get any bad vibes from him, but I would also not care to cross him. He’s a good guy to have on your contact list, but a bad enemy. Tread lightly with him, enjoy his company and play your games straight with him. Catch up with him at Powerline and share a good time with him. Then hire him and receive “Service with a smile”. And pray he doesn’t come after you.

>>>>>[Wonder what his new apprentice, Autumn, thinks about all this?]<<<<<
     -- Money Johnson (--:--:--/##-##-##)

>>>>>[What she has to say? Well, where to fraggin' start? Although Madrecita mentioned it, people really need to know how much of threat to everyone this guy really is. He's a manipulative bastard with a sky-high IQ used for his own selfish needs. Everything he does and says as purpose, always! One day, I notice he puts poison in his own tea. The next day, I realize he wanted me to see him put poison in his tea so I come up with the idea of doing research on poisons. He teaches kids in Redmond how to fight, then they grow up and volunteer out of gratitude to protect the small prostitution ring he operates in Tacoma. He never asked any of them, he already knew they would without hesitation. He winks at a random woman in the street, weeks later  we find her sitting at the front desk of a hotel, still remembering him and without even flirting he can have what he needs from her. Trying to analyze what he does all the time is just maddening. Sometimes you wonder if he sees the future or if he engineers it perfectly. He is also completely free of any morality. He does what he wants, when he wants. And there's absolutely no stopping him, especially when nobody has no idea what he really wants. I envy that asshole's freedom. I'll predict this about him. It's a repeated succession of one consonant and one vowel, punctuated by exclamation.]<<<<<
     -- Autumn (--:--:--/##-##-##)

>>>>>[ That's called advanced research, kid, and knowing your surroundings.  This is what old runners do, and try to tell young runners to do in order for them to become old.  Legwork and research is something that plenty of runners don't do -- or don't find someone to do for them.  I have a good idea who Smiley hires for his research, and I'd bet that he's paying a nice chunk of change for it. ]<<<<<
     -- The Wyrm Ouroboros (--:--:--/##-##-##)

     -- Smiley (--:--:--/##-##-##)

>>>>>[And thanks for coming out!  Good night everybody!]<<<<<
     -- Murphy (--:--:--/##-##-##)




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